Dead Goldfish Cartoon

by Mac McRae on Jan 19, 2015

dead goldfish floating upside down

Goldie the Goldfish didn’t make it. His owner Charlie forgot to change his dirty water and he finally pooped out. He is destined for the fabled cigar-box burial in the backyard.


Big Fish Eats Little Fish

by Mac McRae on Nov 10, 2014

Big Fish Chasing Small Fish

Darwin for kids. Who knew evolution by natural selection could be so cuddly and cute? [simpleecommcart_add_to_cart id=”65″ ]  

Blue Lobster Cartoon

by Mac McRae on Aug 27, 2014

blue lobster cartoon

One in every two million lobsters are blue. They are exceptionally rare. Recently teen Meghan LaPlante from Maine caught a blue lobster that is now at home in the State Aquarium of Maine. [simpleecommcart_add_to_cart id=”34″ ]  


Small Fish Eating Big Fish

by Mac McRae on Aug 12, 2014

Teal fish eating orange fish.

James the large spiny pike pooka fish is about to be lunch. Charles the tiny sharp toothed buzz fish is about to either take a bite of him or swallow him whole. Sometimes the small fish eat the large fish. [simpleecommcart_add_to_cart id=”76″ ]  


Fish on a Float

by Mac McRae on Jul 15, 2014

Fish on a Float

Sometimes fish get tired of swimming in grandmas pool and they take a break and rest their fins on a float. Fish on a Float. [simpleecommcart_add_to_cart id=”89″ ]  


Cute Jellyfish

by Mac McRae on May 21, 2014

Cute jellyfish

Cute jellyfish smiling. Kawaii baby jellyfish loves you.


Dead Fail Whale

by Mac McRae on May 4, 2014

dead fail whale

Dead Fail Whale illustration. Is Twitter dying? A stat released by a social media monitoring firm shows that 44 percent of all twitter accounts have never sent a tweet. It makes me worry a bit about the internet economy in general. [simpleecommcart_add_to_cart id=”126″ ]  


Magikarp Scared

by Mac McRae on Apr 23, 2014


Magikarp will always be my favorite pokemon. He is cool because he starts out as a useless fish that you buy from a guy for a bunch of money. You instantly feel ripped off as he can only cast splash and it does zero damage. But if you keep using him he transforms into Gyarados […]


Starfish Wasting Syndrome

by Mac McRae on Feb 5, 2014

starfish wasting syndrome cartoon

Starfish wasting syndrome is a mysterious disease that is killing up to 90 percent of starfish from Alaska to California. It causes their limbs to break off and not grow back. Very little is understood about what causes it or how it spreads. [simpleecommcart_add_to_cart id=”183″ ]  


A Perfect Day for Bananafish

by Mac McRae on Feb 3, 2014


“Well, they swim into a hole where there’s a lot of bananas. They’re very ordinary-looking fish when they swim in. But once they get in, they behave like pigs. Why, I’ve known some bananafish to swim into a banana hole and eat as many as seventy-eight bananas.” He edged the float and its passenger a foot closer to the horizon. “Naturally, after […]


Whale Shark Cartoon

by Mac McRae on Jan 29, 2014

whale shark

Whale sharks are endangered. They are gentle giant filter feeders that eat swarms of tiny krill.  They are being killed in the Far East on an industrial scale and it should stop. Whale shark cartoon. [simpleecommcart_add_to_cart id=”23″ ]


Red Bass Cartoon

by Mac McRae on Jan 25, 2014

red bass

Large mouth bass get their name from the amount of talking they do. Red bass cartoon with green eyes, and purple fins. Red bass cartoon illustration. [simpleecommcart_add_to_cart id=”199″ ]  


Green Fish

by Mac McRae on Jan 25, 2014

green fish

Funny green fish with scales, pointy fins and fat red lips. Cartoon brim. [simpleecommcart_add_to_cart id=”205″ ]    


Fish Plastic Bag

by Mac McRae on Jan 24, 2014


Ralph the venomous candy colored pug fish is CONTAINED. He can no longer make his way in the world by attacking little old ladies wading in the florida keys.  


Sad Blue Fish

by Mac McRae on Jan 23, 2014

sad blue fish

Sad blue fish. Blue Fish with purple lips, purple fins and a sad face. Depressed fish. [simpleecommcart_add_to_cart id=”218″ ]  


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