Georges Méliès Moon Illustration

by Mac McRae on October 9, 2015

Georges Méliès A Trip To The Moon

moon rocket eye

Georges Méliès was a French director from the silent era who is famous for his movie “A Trip to the Moon”. It had groundbreaking special effects for the time. BTW I love NASA’s insignia – it is beautifully designed. Moon rocket eye cartoon illustration. This image is from thee silent movie – a Trip to the Moon. It is  one of the early masterpieces of cinema. It is from a time when movies were made by legit artists. It is about a group of astronomers who hitch a ride to the moon inside a bullet fired from a large cannon. I painted the moon to look like Martin Scorsese who directed the movie Hugo.  It is a great recent film aimed at kids and about Méliès’ life. Scorcese is easily one of the greatest living directors and a famous film historian.

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